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Dear potential partners,

Let us introduce ourselves first. We’re members of the international company called Center for International Programs, or CIP for short. We started our activity back in 2001, believing that our efforts can open new horizons for people who want to obtain an education abroad. And we did open these horizons anew. We’ve been faithful to our objective ever since, letting thousands of applicants pursue their dreams year over year in the world’s best educational institutions. 

CIP has its roots in Ukraine. As the popularity of the company grew, we were able to expand to India and Africa. We’re working under the license issued by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and send students to study abroad. We market our services to undergraduates and graduates, as well as children and adults. This share of the market shows high interest in undergraduate and graduate programs while also seeking language or professional courses abroad. Our current partners come from the US, Canada, and Europe. And we’re looking to make new partnerships that are value-driven for everyone. If you found yourself among these lines, get in touch with us. Email us at

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What we do for you

  • Your institution gets offered for consideration to students full of ambitions
  • There’s a page on our website with the information about your institution
  • We become the mediator between your institution and our clients to guide them through the enrollment process
  • Your representatives get invited to education fairs we organize at different locations
  • You get to run seminars in person and do webinars for the interested audience
  • Your institution gets additional marketing via our channels and social media presence
  • You get to work with our branch offices across the globe

Perks you get

  • Greater exposure. You get to reach bright minds from all over the globe
  • Long-term cooperation. Our current partners have been around for years because we’re result-oriented and foster trust
  • Transparency. We make our collaboration legal and honest
  • Exclusive marketing. You can depend on us for marketing your institution so that it generates interest among the target audience

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